APR Chairs

The role of APR chair, much like the characteristics prized of Accreditation professionals, is one of counselor, sounding board and guide.

In some cases, you alone might lead the charge. In others, you may have a committee's worth of help. Either way, below are tools for you, your team and your candidates.

Support Resources

Questions may arise as you form, update or simply move your Accreditation committee forward. Consider these peer resources:

Prep Resources

An information download and reminder of key details will help you prepare to run a successful APR prep program. Review these documents:

Promotional Resources

Some candidates will know about Accreditation and come to you for help. Others won’t be familiar with APR, but the ideal professional to pursue the credential. Capture their attention with:

Class Resources

Some APR programs engage Accredited professionals to teach classes based on the KSAs. The following presentations were developed to accompany the material contained in the APR Study Guide .

Panel Presentation Resources

Both excitement and anxiety swirl around the Panel Presentation prep and execution. Help both candidates and APR panelists prepare for the big presentation:

Examination Resources

Most candidates don’t remember the last time they took a test, nor do they particularly want to. And that test may not have been computerized. Help demystify the computer-based Examination with:



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