Panel Presentation

The Panel Presentation plays an important role in the Accreditation process. It evaluates, through a questionnaire and live presentation, knowledge, skills and abilities that cannot effectively be judged in the computer-based examination.

A panel for a candidate's Panel Presentation is comprised of three current APRs, one of whom serves as chair. They are charged with offering both an accurate assessment of the candidate and to serve as a resource for the candidate, as they prepare for the computer-based Examination.

Who Makes a Good Panelist for the Panel Presentation?

  • A demonstrated interest in the Accreditation process
  • A reputation for providing fair, unbiased, objective assessments of problems and situations
  • Proven skills in mentoring, teaching and coaching
  • In‐depth knowledge of the public relations profession
  • Familiarity with at least one of the study books from the short bookshelf
  • Good decision‐making skills as demonstrated in Chapter business or through work experience
  • A dedication to task that allows for thoroughness, timeliness and follow‐up
  • A willingness to help others
  • Time (about five hours) to commit to helping others




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