APR Chairs Process

Identify Eligible APR Candidates

  • Become familiar with the computer-based Examination and support materials.
  • Recruit, identify and invite candidates. Promote value and benefits of Accreditation.
  • Identify volunteers to work with you as coaches, mentors and Panel Presentation members. 
  • Guide volunteers to ensure that they are familiar with materials appropriate for their roles.
  • Receive names from UAB of candidates approved in your area.
  • See Candidate Process Chart

Deliver Coaching, Mentoring, Support Services

  • Download UAB-provided APR Coach’s version of APR Study Guide.
  • Use Coach's Guide in combination with online exercises, reference materials and Online Study Course to deliver local prep program.
  • Offer prep support, mentoring and other resources to candidates.

Schedule Panel Presentation

  • Receive request from candidate to schedule the Panel Presentation.
  • Confirm candidate's eligibility with the UAB.
  • Receive copies of Candidate's Panel Presentation Questionnaire.
  • Distribute candidate's questionnaire and panelists' materials to three panelists 15 business days before Panel Presentation.
  • Explain what is required and time commitment to panel participants, i.e., approximately two hours to review each candidate's questionnaire and develop questions to ask during the session, and one-to-two hours for each Panel Presentation.
  • Designate Panel Presentation Chair.
  • Schedule candidate(s) for Panel Presentation.

Conduct Panel Presentation

  • Conduct presentation. Vote to Advance/not Advance candidate to computer-based Examination.
  • Send original copy of candidate’s questionnaire and scoring forms to UAB.
  • Receive UAB notification of Advance/not Advance status unless candidate has requested that UAB not send you notification.
  • If candidate does not Advanced, re-schedule Panel Presentation upon candidate's request no sooner than 90 days after first presentation.
  • If candidate is Advanced, provide support and encouragement to proceed to the computer-based Examination while preparation is fresh.

Candidate Takes Examination

  • Create supportive environment for candidate. Encourage additional preparation if the candidate does not succeed when he/she takes the computer-based Examination.
  • Receive UAB notification of results unless candidate has requested that UAB not notify you.

Schedule Celebration

  • Schedule APR presentation/celebration at local event.


Studying for and earning my APR has demonstrated to my coworkers and public relations colleagues that I’m fully invested in my career. I approach my job more strategically and with a higher level of expertise. Moreover, it has paved the way for new professional relationships and friendships with fellow APRs at the Chapter and National levels.

Neil S. Neroutsos, APRNeil S. Neroutsos, APR
Media and Public Relations Liaison
Snohomish County Public Utility District
Everett, Washington


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