APR Chairs Process

Identify Eligible APR Candidates

  • Become familiar with the examination and support materials.
  • Recruit, identify and invite candidates. Promote value and benefits of Accreditation.
  • Identify volunteers to work with you as coaches, mentors and Panel Presentation members. 
  • Guide volunteers to ensure that they are familiar with materials appropriate for their roles.
  • Receive names from UAB of candidates approved in your area.
  • See Candidate Process Chart

Deliver Coaching, Mentoring, Support Services

  • Download UAB-provided APR Coach’s version of APR Study Guide.
  • Use Coach's Guide in combination with online exercises, reference materials and Online Study Course to deliver local prep program.
  • Offer prep support, mentoring and other resources to candidates.

Schedule Panel Presentation

  • Receive request from candidate to schedule the Panel Presentation.
  • Confirm candidate's eligibility with the UAB.
  • Receive copies of Candidate's Panel Presentation Questionnaire.
  • Distribute candidate's questionnaire and panelists' materials to three panelists 15 business days before Panel Presentation.
  • Explain what is required and time commitment to panel participants, i.e., approximately two hours to review each candidate's questionnaire and develop questions to ask during the session, and one-to-two hours for each Panel Presentation.
  • Designate Panel Presentation Chair.
  • Schedule candidate(s) for Panel Presentation date.

Conduct Panel Presentation

  • Conduct presentation. Vote to Advance/not Advance candidate to examination.
  • Send original copy of candidate’s questionnaire and scoring forms to UAB.
  • Receive UAB notification of Advance/not Advance status unless candidate has requested that UAB not send you notification.
  • If candidate does not Advanced, re-schedule Panel Presentation upon candidate's request no sooner than 90 days after first presentation.
  • If candidate is Advanced, provide support and encouragement to proceed to the computer-based Examination while preparation is fresh.

Candidate Takes Examination

  • Create supportive environment for candidate. Encourage additional preparation if the candidate does not succeed when he/she takes the examination.
  • Receive UAB notification of results unless candidate has requested that UAB not notify you.

Schedule Celebration

  • Schedule APR presentation/celebration at local event.



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