Because It Takes A PRo...

Within today’s dynamic public relations and communications environment, hiring an individual with an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) demonstrates personal drive, professional acumen, a commitment to ethics, and dedication to lifelong learning. 

The APR integrates timeless communications principles with contemporary strategies and tactics, meaning candidates with this certification are always in step with the public relations industry and attuned to trends. You can trust that the APR is an accurate representation of an individual’s present expertise and a true test of their potential to lead the field. 

Preparing for the APR is an exercise in success, as the process provides an assessment of an individual’s proficiency and accurately calibrates their craft, contacts, and career goals, so they will bring years of professional experience, industry knowledge, and best practices to your business. 

It takes a professional—someone with exceptional experience, broad expertise, and strong dedication and values—to thrive in the public relations industry. The APR certifies that you’re working with the best.



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