Mentors can be of great benefit throughout a person’s professional life for many reasons — including when you are pursuing the APR. Your APR mentor can help you assess if and when you are ready to apply, review your Panel Presentation , keep you on track, share their APR experience and offer study tips and feedback.

Ideas for finding an APR mentor:

  • Contact your professional association or state chapter to see if they have a mentor program.
  • Reach out to APRs you know and ask if they'd be willing to mentor you.
  • Post a request in the APR LinkedIn group or discuss within the APR Community (hosted by PRSA). Please be specific about where you are located and what kind of help you're looking for.
  • Contact the UAB's volunteer Mentor Match coordinator after reading the Mentor Match Guidelines .



The APR mindset pervades much of what I do — advising as a business mentor rather than “just” a PR person, tightened discipline in my communications planning and much stronger focus on results rather than activities. The guidance, approach and techniques reinforced throughout the APR process have guided my work to a higher plane, given me added influence and confidence, and helped me advance our profession’s abilities.  These APR benefits have been very important to my career.

Ken Hunter, APRKen Hunter, APR
President and Lead Strategist
The PowerStation Communications
Hillsborough, New Jersey