Accredited professionals must renew their credential and commitment to the sound and ethical practice of public relations every three years. Accreditation Renewal can be achieved through lifelong learning, participating in industry events, giving back to local Accreditation programs, or some combination of the above.

Consider the below activities, which both advance Accreditation and help you reach your renewal goals, such as:

  1. Mentoring candidates through the Accreditation process.
  2. Joining a panel for a candidate's Panel Presentation.
  3. Teaching an APR prep course class at the local level or be an APR Online Course Facilitator.
  4. Speaking publicly or publish on the topic of public relations.
  5. Earn an advanced degree. In recognition of the mastery of strategic communication practice, competencies and ethical standards achieved by those who have earned APR, there are several universities that offer waivers for professionals that hold the designation.



For me, earning my APR was an acknowledgment of my broad experience, proficiency and commitment to behave ethically in the public relations industry. The APR credential informs the world that I am a professional PR practitioner, not someone who is just “in public relations.” The designation has become increasingly important as I moved into senior-level positions where I assumed more of a counselor role to the C-suite.

Kena Lewis, APRKena Lewis, APR
Director, Public Affairs and Media Relations
Orlando Health
Orlando, Florida


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