Process Chart for the APR+M: Accredited in Public Relations and Military Communication

Step 1. Start the Process

  • Download APR+M Panel Presentation Questionnaire.
  • Select a public relations plan that you wrote or helped prepare. Use that plan as you complete the Questionnaire.
    • The plan should demonstrate your abilities in researching, planning, implementing and evaluating a public relations project.
Step 2. Apply for Eligibility and Plan your Study Strategy

  • Submit application and payment to the Universal Accreditation Board.
  • Receive notification of eligibility from UAB within a few weeks.
  • Plan how you will proceed. Remember that you have one year from the date you receive UAB authorization to complete a Panel Presentation and the Examination.
  • Download and consult preparation resources
    • APR+M Study Guide and the APR Study Guide.
    • Online Study Course (additional fee applies)
    • Candidate's Instructions for Panel Presentation
    • Recommended Texts for preparation
    • Local preparation course information

Step 3. Use Coaching, Mentoring, Support Services

  • Request coaching, mentoring or other support services through your local APR Chair.
  • Refresh your knowledge, skills and abilities by reviewing the general text of your choice and one or more of the specialized books from the recommended Bookshelf.
  • Use the body of knowledge and preparation resources to fill gaps in your knowledge, skills and abilities, e.g., areas where your experience is limited.

Step 4. Schedule APR+M Panel Presentation

  • Determine an APR+M Panel Presentation date.
  • Send an electronic copy of your completed APR+M Panel Presentation Questionnaire to or the APR chair coordinating the panel at least 15 business days before your scheduled Panel Presentation date.

Step 5. Participate in Panel Presentation

  • Present your portfolio to three Accredited practitioners. Respond to interview questions. Allow approximately two hours for your session.
  • Panelists score your knowledge, skills and abilities in 12 general public relations areas (such as writing ability, presentation skills and ethical reasoning) and 38 topics related to joint military public affairs. 
  • Upon completion of your panel presentation, panelists recommend to UAB that you Advance or not Advance to the Examination.
  • If you Advance, you receive information to schedule the Examination.
  • If you do not Advance, you will receive written feedback on areas in which you need to improve your knowledge. You can repeat the Panel Presentation after 90 days. 

Step 6. Schedule and Take Your Examination

  • Schedule Examination at
  • Use as much of the time available as you want to complete the Examination.
  • After you have finished the Examination, you will receive immediate but unofficial pass/did not pass feedback and a report of your strengths and weaknesses in the knowledge, skills and abilities tested on the Examination.
  • You receive official pass or fail notice from UAB within a few weeks.
  • If you pass, the Universal Accreditation Board will grant Accreditation. 
  • If you must retake the Examination, submit payment and receive authorization from UAB. 



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