Recommended Textbooks

Each text is listed with the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities  covered by its content to help candidates select those most appropriate for their individual preparation. Each candidate should select the text or texts best suited for his/her own preparation and professional development.  Book titles link to sources for text purchases.  You do NOT need to buy every text listed.

The basis for every question on the computer-based portion of the Examination can be traced to one or several of these texts.



Earning the APR reinforced for me that although I was a sole practitioner in an association office, I still understood and practiced my profession with the same level of skill as “the big corporate boys.” Since I became APR while I was Chapter president, it gave other Chapter members confidence that they could earn the APR, too.  When that first association position ended, having the APR gave me the confidence to open my own solo practice 21 years ago! 

Diane Slaughter, APR, Fellow PRSADiane Slaughter, APR, Fellow PRSA
Homestead Communications
Charleston, West Virginia


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