UAB Accreditation Tips and Tools — January 2017

Resources to help APR candidates

The online one-stop shop has just what candidates need to get from A to APR: an online study course, a list of recommended study texts, a comprehensive APR Study Guide and more. Support potential APRs by sharing these resources with them.

Learn From Others

Everyone’s journey toward earning the APR is different. Share the stories of APRs and help candidates learn from the successes and challenges of others by reading these blogs, written by PR pros who now proudly put APR after their name.

Readiness Review is now called Panel Presentation

As part of the UAB’s ongoing review of the APR process to ensure it remains rigorous, relevant, appropriate and understandable, the Readiness Review is now called the Panel Presentation, effective Jan. 1, 2017. Things to know:

  • The changes are primarily in name, purpose and what’s assessed. Nothing new was added — in fact, some KSAs were eliminated (because they are assessed on the computer-based Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations) and some questions on the questionnaire were removed.
  • While panelists are encouraged to serve as candidate mentors, they are no longer required to do so.
  • Virtual Panel Presentations are allowed, not only in cases of hardship, but also if the Accreditation chair deems it appropriate and feasible.
  • Portfolios may be shared in digital/electronic format, although candidates are encouraged to have a back-up plan, as they bear any responsibility for technical difficulties.
  • Updated materials (candidate questionnaire, score sheet, panelist instructions, etc.) are online for candidates and Panel Presentation Evaluators.

What all Accreditation chairs and UAB participating organizations should do in light of the change from Readiness Review to Panel Presentation

Update all Accreditation related online content to reflect change in name (Readiness Review becomes Panel Presentation) and purpose (first step in a two-step process assessing 12 KSAs not testable by the computer-based Examination).

Panelists and Accreditation chairs:

  • Encourage all APR panelists — whether new or seasoned — to review the 20-minute video explaining the changes and outlining best practices for the Panel Presentation.
  • Ask Accreditation chairs to review the criteria for a good panelist and to share the panelist resources with all panelists.
  • Review and share this great blog about Demystifying the Panel Presentation.