Mentor Match Guidelines

The APR Mentor Match is a voluntary process designed to match APR candidates with a mentor to help encourage and support them along the way.

Things to know:

  • Participating in the Mentor Match does not guarantee success nor does it imply any type of contract. It is an informal way to connect two professionals in hopes of providing extra support to APR candidates.
  • It is a voluntary association on the part of both mentor and mentee.
  • Each mentor pair is responsible for establishing their own guidelines, parameters and meeting protocols. Review the tips for APR mentors and APR mentees.
  • While APR candidates seeking a mentor do not need to have submitted their APR application, by engaging in a Mentor Match the candidate is indicating his or her intention to apply within a year.
  • The length of the Mentor Match is entirely up to the mentor and mentee. They are free to continue their connection as long as needed; they are also free to discontinue at any time. A typical mentor match is one year or less.
  • While there are many study resources available to support APR candidates, there are no financial resources available to support mentor pairs.
  • Mentor pairs may be matched based on geographic proximity, PR specialty or other criteria.
  • Mentors are free to suggest an alternate mentor to a mentee if they so choose.

Questions about the APR Mentor Match? Contact volunteer Mentor Match coordinator, Barb Nicol, APR, at



The APR mindset pervades much of what I do — advising as a business mentor rather than “just” a PR person, tightened discipline in my communications planning and much stronger focus on results rather than activities. The guidance, approach and techniques reinforced throughout the APR process have guided my work to a higher plane, given me added influence and confidence, and helped me advance our profession’s abilities.  These APR benefits have been very important to my career.

Ken Hunter, APRKen Hunter, APR
President and Lead Strategist
The PowerStation Communications
Hillsborough, New Jersey