UAB Accreditation Tips and Tools — July 2018

APR Champions!

Do you have candidates looking for an Accredited mentor to help them get started? Share this blurb below via email or e-newsletter or social media.
Are you looking for an Accredited mentor to help you get started on earning your APR? Need to talk to someone who’s been there, done that and got the APR letters to prove it? There is an APR Champion who can support your objective to attain the credential. These professionals from all over the country share a passion for Accreditation and have stepped up to help others meet their goals. Whether you’re still trying to decide if you’d like to seek Accreditation, or are almost to the finish line and just need a little more encouragement, we can pair you with an APR Champion to boost your confidence and help relieve any anxiety. Contact Kathy Mulvihill today at (212) 460-1436 or email

APR Maintenance

Retaining Accredited members in your Chapter couldn’t be easier when you remind APRs of the numerous opportunities within your own participating organization or Chapter to accumulate those needed 10 points. When APRs attend a one-day professional development event, they get two points; and if these courses are between one hour and one-half day, they can earn one point. During the year, continue to promote other types of opportunities and educational seminars that APRs can attend and use toward their needed points. Also encourage your APRs to log these activities on the official APR maintenance form throughout the year. When it comes time to submit the Maintenance of Accreditation application form, the points will already be listed and ready to go! To clarify any questions from Accredited members about maintenance, direct them to visit:

Back to School – Just Around the Corner

As summer and vacations wind down, it’s a great time to reach out to your list of candidates and remind them it’s back-to-school time. The school cycle lends itself to studying for the Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations. As an APR chair, you can use the “back-to-school” theme in your email reminders, newsletter blurbs and APR training events. Better yet, consider having an open house or orientation to coincide with the start of school season.

Recruit Early!

As an early recruiting activity, consider reaching out to college seniors majoring in public relations/communications to take the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Examination. For graduating seniors, adding this Certificate to their resumes is a leg up in the job search process. This is also a great opportunity to make them aware of the APR credential that is available to them as professionals down the line.  Check out the details of the Certificate program at:

We encourage POs and PRSA Chapters to reach out to colleges in your state to see if they are interested in offering the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations Examination at their institution. Give them the link to the program details and have them contact for details.