UAB Accreditation Tips and Tools — November 2017

Publicly Recognize and Reward Your APRs

When you recognize your APRs and offer them special perks, it can help highlight the value of this important credential and identify possible mentors for APR candidates — as well as open the door to conversations about why professionals pursue this important credential. Some ideas:

  • Host “APR only” events with special speakers.
  • Hold a free breakfast for APRs and talk to them about how to mentor candidates or share their APR story with others.
  • At PR conferences and workshops:
    • Give APRs an “Ask me about APR” pin or ribbon on their name badge.
    • Have APRs host a table with APR information to share.
    • Offer APRs a free drink during the social hour.
    • Recognize APRs during the welcome or over lunch.
    • Buy a free drink for anyone wearing their APR pin.

Promote APR Online Study Course

Short on volunteers who can help APR candidates prepare for the Panel Presentation and computer-based Examination for Accreditation in Public Relations? The online study course is a great way to help candidates while connecting them with an online cohort of other candidates and APR mentors. It’s a self-paced program with lots of resources to draw on including weekly webcasts, study strategies, self-paced online modules and case studies. Groups can enroll at a discount, encouraging a self-made cohort within your organization, region or Chapter. See for more information.

Help APRs Promote Themselves and Their Credential

Recommend to APRs that they update their resume and LinkedIn profile with “APR” after their name as well as information about their APR. Here is a template they can modify to fit their style and platform: “(Name) has earned her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR), an internationally recognized credential given to PR professionals who demonstrate expert knowledge, experience and judgment in public relations.”

Get Candidates in the Queue

Know someone who’s a good candidate for the APR but isn’t quite ready to take the leap? Encourage them to visit and click on the “Learn More” button in the top right corner. There they can fill out a short form that will get them an APR Quick Start Guide along with periodic email tips about the value of the APR and how to prepare. Could be just what they need to start the process!