UAB Accreditation Tips and Tools — June 2017

APR Booth Available to Promote APR

Having a conference, APR boot camp or other event? Visibly promote the APR with the APR booth, which includes a tablecloth and booth display. No rental fee, you just pay for shipping. Photos and the request form are available here , scroll down to “Promotional Resources.” You can also download this print-ready brochure for potential APR candidates and print as many copies as you’d like. 

“Five Steps to APR” Webinar

A new 15-minute webinar on the “Five Steps to APR” is available online to share with interested candidates. It explains the process in easy-to-understand chunks and offers resources to help those who want to move forward.

Partner With Others to Promote APR

There are currently nine participating organizations (POs) in the UAB, and their members are eligible to earn the APR. Consider reaching out to those in your area to partner on promoting the APR, offering a boot camp or other APR outreach. See who might be near you by looking at the full list of POs — and remember, many POs have state chapters as well.

APR Testimonials

Help motivate others with APR success stories by asking your new APRs to share their testimonials, challenges and tips for earning the APR. Post your stories on the APR Facebook page — it will be approved and shared with followers. 

Promote the Value of the APR 

Share this news with current APRs and those considering it: Northeastern University is offering students who have successfully earned their APR the equivalent of three courses of academic credit (nine quarter hours) toward a Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication. This recognizes the rigorous program of study required to earn the APR, which is the industry credential for public relations professionals who demonstrate their understanding of and commitment to strategic communications principles