Members Granted the APR+M in 2018

Congratulations to all who earned their APR+M in 2018.

  • Thomas George Campbell, III, APR+M
    Major, Media Relations/Director
    United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
    Williamsburg, VA
  • Gregory H. Carroll, APR+M
    Public Affairs Officer
    U.S. Marine Corps, Dept of Defense
    La Jolla, CA
  • Nathan James Christensen, APR+M
    Deputy Public Affairs Officer
    U.S. Pacific Fleet
    Aiea, HI
  • Timothy R. Irish, APR+M
    Communication Strategist & Operations Officer
    U.S. Marine Corps
    San Diego, CA
  • Reann Mommsen, APR+M
    Public Affairs Officer
    United States Navy
    USS George Washington
    Hugo, MN
  • Lenaya Ayelet Rotklein, APR+M
    Operations Officer
    U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs Reserve Unit
    San Diego, CA
  • Ron A. Steiner, APR+M
    Senior Public Affairs Placement Officer
    Navy Personnel Command
    Mundford, TN
  • Tiffani B. Walker, APR+M
    Public Affairs Officer
    U.S. Navy
    San Diego, CA
  • Russell P. Wolfkiel, APR+M
    Public Affairs Officer
    U.S. Navy
    Poway, CA